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Tiverton and the 'Pannier Market'

  • Balloon Picture Raises Cash for Local Charities

Tiverton Mayor Sue Griggs, Chair of the Portas Company handing an anonymous donation of £500.00 from a supporter of the work the Portas Company are undertaking. 

The donation was handed to Arthur Street, Festival Director of the recent Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival and goes directly to (Devon Air Ambulance and Children’s Hospice Southwest)

The money was donated for The Balloon Painting which was created at the festival by ‘Pete the Poet’ and the children who were present.

Tiverton Balloon Festival is primarily supported by Aerosaurus Balloons who organise events throughout the world. Aerosaurus first organised a festival in Tiverton in 1988, then annually starting four years ago. The company has all the infrastructure and expertise to run major events. Arthur Street - Festival Director

Fun Photographs of the recent

Feast of St James 

The Feast of St. James - Tiverton's Medieval Charter Fayre A day of fun, celebration, live music and crafts in Tiverton. The fayre was based on a a 3 day Charter given in 1257 by King Henry the 111, held around the Feast of St James in July. Traditional music and wrapping up with a banquet and hog roast




Dawn Chilcott - organiser

The Mayor, Sue Griggs wrapping up the Hog roast celebration with Tiverton Street Pastors

Tiverton Street Pastors were commissioned at Tiverton Methodist Church on 13th March 2010.

There are currently 26 Street Pastors and 22 Prayer Pastors.  Five Home Prayers are linked to Street Pastors who are in touch before their team goes out.

Unusual photographs from the Tiverton 

Balloon Festival


Tiverton Balloons and Music Festival was held

2014 Friday 11th July - Sunday 13th July 2014

Details at 

Balloon Mass Ascents

30 balloons take to the skies! 

An unusual, but safe landing on the lawn of Old Blundell's School (Lowman's Green) Tiverton

Another balloon, passes by Old Blundell's School

From a lane in Tiverton, early Saturday 12 July 2014


 held on Saturday, 05 July 2014 was another sucess ....

Persian  Wraps were one of the highlights

Rocket @ Market Starchaser   at the Tivvyfest

Starchaser Industries is a privately held, high technology group of companies that specialises in the development, operation and commercialisation of space related technologies

Short video of Starchaser being launched

The Tiverton Astronomy Society at the market, a group of friendly people who meet around once a month for lectures and talks. The Society also organise other social events and outings, and offer regular observing sessions to see the wonders of the night sky.

Successful event    August 2             Street Food in Tiverton

..... by TASTE, located at the Tiverton Pannier Market


Market calendar information

Recent features 

New Look Deli Shack

Chef Iain Thompson and his wife Lisa likes to keep busy. For the last five years, they have been running the popular Deli Shack at Tiverton Pannier Market, and since last year also providing the delicious food at the Deli Shack Café at Yearlstone Vineyard. And now they have just converted a former storeroom at the market into a permanent home for their deli and to expand the products they sell. 

Caroliza Jewellery

supplies one-off jewellery designs for her customers using the highest quality beads of glass, precious stones, crystals and metals. Designs can include wire and Fantastic Plastic and Caroliza can custom make any piece, to match an outfit.

The Deli Shack

West Country cheeses and charcuterie, as well as locally produced coffee, fresh olives and rare breed fresh meats

Directory of features



Tiverton Castle,

Around 900 years old, it was enlarged and rebuilt during the 14th Century Tiverton, Devon 

Tiverton Museum

Explore the museum's large, outstanding collections and trace the fascinating history of Mid Devon.

Grand Western Canal

Leisure attraction

Knightshayes Court & Gardens

The estate includes a rare stické court dating from 1907. Other features include the extensive topiary, specimen trees, rare shrubs and the stables and walled kitchen garden,